With storm season looming, it’s only a matter of time before strong storms and the wind wreaks havoc on garage doors throughout Florida. That’s why now is the perfect time to consider a reliable garage door company such as Margate Garage Door Repair for service and maintenance. One of six Hurricane Garage Doors locations in the state, our experts can help you ensure that your garage door is functioning the way it should.

As a homeowner, it can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient when you can’t get into your home through the garage door. From a simple repair to more advanced maintenance, our skilled professionals have seen just about every kind of issue with garage doors. When homeowners call us explaining their garage door dilemma, the first thing we suggest is to avoid trying to fix it on their own. A lot of folks don’t realize that the garage door is a fairly complicated mechanism and that the high-pressure springs and cables can lead to personal injury and home damage.

At Margate Garage Door Repair, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer same day service, so you can count on a speedy solution. Whether you’re dealing with broken springs or squeaking hinges, you can feel at ease knowing that our team has more than 15 years of experience as Florida’s most dependable garage door pros.

But our garage door repair company isn’t just limited to residential projects. We are proud to be the premier garage door service for businesses as well. When your commercial business is being held up by a faulty garage door, you don’t have time to waste. Rather than put your business and employees at risk, it’s a good idea to call the garage door experts at Margate Garage Door Repair.  

At each of our Hurricane Garage Doors locations, you can expect the highest quality of service, the most trusted brands, and of course, prompt specialists who put customers first.

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