Whether you have a home in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Springs, Margate, Tamarac or Coconut Creek, it’s a good bet that you have family procedures when a hurricane takes place. But this could also be the year that you take a long look at your current garage door.

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Older garage doors are typically more vulnerable to hurricanes, being highly susceptible to wind damage, including buckling, twisting off the tracks and failure due to impact from debris. Doors can also be pushed in by winds blowing onto the door or pulled out as winds tear around the corner where the door is located.

Should your garage door become victim to the area’s next hurricane, it could lead to a domino effect. The storm’s winds are then able to wreak havoc on interior walls, doors, and even your ceiling or roof. Damages to these parts of your home can result in additional headaches, such as loss of roof sheathing or loss of a part of the roof.


Will your garage door hold up to a hurricane?

Consider these things to look for when looking at your garage door:

  1. Is your door wind rated? Keep in mind that older doors are not. If a door is wind rated, there will be a sticker on the door indicating its Design Pressure.
  2. Is your door rated for debris impact resistance? Similar to a wind rated door, one that is rated for debris will include a label.

Other red flags of poorly performing garage doors:

  1. Does your garage door only have one bar across the panels? Do only one or two panels have bars?
  2. Is your garage door made of wood?
  3. Is there noticeable rusting or rotting on the panels?
  4. Do any of the panels feature dents of significant size?
  5. Are the brackets that hold the tracks to the wall loose, broken, or missing bolts or nuts?
  6. When you close your garage door, do the brackets supporting the track line up with the rollers?
  7. Are the hinges between panels at all loose, broken or missing bolts, nuts or screws?

Garage Door Installation from Hurricane Garage Doors

Some residents try to take on their garage door project on their own. However, especially in Florida, it’s imperative that your door is installed by a professional to ensure not just the well-being of your home, but more importantly your family.

The experts at Hurricane Garage Doors advise that residents with an older style of garage door replace it with a newer, stronger one. Start your research by exploring our options, from short panel to long panel doors, to impact windows and flush panel doors to Oaksummit doors. Hurricane Garage Doors even provides a number of insulated door options for both commercial and residential customers.

Our garage door company is proud to be locally owned and operated while serving customers for over 20 years. Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. Plus, our team is happy to offer suggestions as to which doors are best for your needs. Call us today for a free estimate.